Strategic Coaching + Consulting

Taking an idea that will make the world a better place, strengthening the vision together, and following through on implementation? This is a passion of mine that after 15+ years has not dimmed.

It's an honour to work with clients and their teams, whether you are in start-up with a social venture, you are making the leap from $100,000, or millions, in revenue to even greater impact, OR, you are an individual seeking to improve your capacity to feel, and lead.

Your willingness to change what you're currently doing, and how you're doing it, is the pre-requisite.



Space is currently available for coaching and consulting on a first-come, first-serve basis. Email andrea at andrealee dot org with your most meaningful desired outcome(s) for coaching, and a few times to meet for an exploratory discussion.

I look forward to determining if we are a good fit, and, if not, assisting you with your search for same.

"Andrea, you deliver 1000% and more."

       Gina Hiatt, PhD         CEO, Academic LaddeR 

"The Business Coach Version of Neil Armstrong." 

Judy Ann Payawal, FOUNDER, Soul Coach


"Through Just One Idea, I added over 6 figures To My Business in 6 weeks.

Andrea Is the Thought Leader's Thought Leader." 

     Lisa Sasevich, CEO .   The Invisible Close

"A unique animal: a philosopher with a business brain. She knows how to make the money Happen." 

Indrani Goradia, Founder, Indrani's Light Foundation