What's Working, What's Not Working, What's Next in Online Business?

If you're in the online business or online training space - this includes you speakers, authors, and coaches - what is your next competitive advantage? 

Hands on transformation. experience-based training. apprenticeships/practicum-style offerings, rehearsal time, making things together, problem solving in groups, going places to do things together...

You get the drift. 

Help me do the thing you teach, with you. Give me the experience of thinking the thoughts with you. Knock something off my to do list in community. Even better if it's involves all five of my senses, and leaves me with lasting memories. 

There's still room for inspiration and information, but find a way to bake in implementation and integration? You win 2018.  

Coaches: Speed is no longer the point

What's next for coaching? What should we be thinking about as we get close to our second decade of existence as a profession? What will keep us relevant? What is our next advancement? 


Or precision. In other words, helping clients achieve their vision with better aim. Not just in the outcome, but each step along the journey. 

Said another way, in-demand coaches these days are helping clients find their way with a higher degree of faithfulness to themselves. (Less loss of self aka selling out.) 

Speed used to be the poster child deliverable of coaching. It could be said that an entire profession was birthed on the premise that good coaching help could get you where you wanted to go - faster! But faster is now the new pollution. We have too much faster. Maybe we did too good of a job touting the merits of faster? 

In an environment where speed is pollution, helping clients avoid the regrets of going too fast, racing to the bottom, and selling our souls along the way? Those are the new deliverables. 

What a market values isn't static. What we offer, and how we talk about it, can't be either. For a profession that is supposed to be ahead of its clients, we need to stop selling speed as the best feature of coaching. 

"Coach, just help me be the best me possible, I don't care if it takes a while."

Holding a Team to 'Term'

Being willing to build a team. 

Big or small, are you? Willing, that is, to build a team for your business. If you're unsure now, that's alright. But finding your answer is important.

In the business of building a business, I have seen my share of things over 17 years of coaching. If I had to name only one factor that determines success for a business of a certain size, it's whether the leader is capable of building a team. 

If the answer is yes, there is a lot that becomes possible. 

If no, there might be a smaller business destiny at play, or, there is a crossroads. Will the leader of the business become a person who can attract, hold, inspire, and continue to do those things, over time? 

It's a little weird, but, I've seen many leaders fail the test of bringing on new team members at or before 9 months. Human babies take that long to be viable, withstand the test of life outside the womb, and grow to become unique masterpieces. 

Perhaps it's the same for teams.