Only This

Have you ever noticed how, at the Dentist, every extraneous thing gets done before s/he enters the room? And once the filling or other procedure is completed, within moments, they're gone again? 

Whether it's the hygienist, dental assistant, receptionist or cleaner who does the other things -set up the chair, turn on the ceiling-mount TV, take the x-ray, isolate my tooth with the rubber square - the point is, this focus is created.

I imagine God saying, 'Thou shalt make it so the ONLY thing the Dentist sees is one tooth. One tooth, and one tooth alone. Not the tongue, the tonsils, the colour of the patient's eyes nor anything else shall be visible. So shall it be.' 

Most of us are not Dentists, but we can still imagine a scenario where only the thing that's most important to us is in our line of sight. Maybe the people around you know their job is to create that. Heck, why stop there? How about a scenario where not only the people, but the spaces,  the tools, and even your schedule all conspire to isolate the work that's most important to you.

If you've been having difficulty making progress on a project, this visualization exercise may shed some light. Once again, saying 'no' is the hero of the story. 

How can you make everything else disappear so you can focus on 'only this?'