Fuel for Saying No More Often

This time of year, ah, the air is ripe with dreams. It is a precious time of choosing. What will we say yes to next in our lives? What nos?

Over the years, I've had occasion to teach 'how to say a no that sticks' a lot of ways, but my current favourite is 'No is the bodyguard of Yes.'

To create a powerful yes, try to find 3 nos to go along with. That means your yes will have 3 bodyguards to protect it. If that isn't enough, add a few more bodyguards. Because 'No is the bodyguard of Yes.' 'No is the faithful guard dog of yes.' 'No is the fierce and loving, devoted mamma bear of Yes.'

The power of no has come up multiple times recently, and I'm happy this recording of Indrani Goradia and I teaching about more about 'no' is still available. For anyone looking for fuel for the above, here you are.