Holding a Team to 'Term'

Being willing to build a team. 

Big or small, are you? Willing, that is, to build a team for your business. If you're unsure now, that's alright. But finding your answer is important.

In the business of building a business, I have seen my share of things over 17 years of coaching. If I had to name only one factor that determines success for a business of a certain size, it's whether the leader is capable of building a team. 

If the answer is yes, there is a lot that becomes possible. 

If no, there might be a smaller business destiny at play, or, there is a crossroads. Will the leader of the business become a person who can attract, hold, inspire, and continue to do those things, over time? 

It's a little weird, but, I've seen many leaders fail the test of bringing on new team members at or before 9 months. Human babies take that long to be viable, withstand the test of life outside the womb, and grow to become unique masterpieces. 

Perhaps it's the same for teams.