Anger + Love = Action (We Need More of This)

Love on its own, is a beautiful thing. Worthy of being relished, and sometimes even lost in. 

Anger on its own, is a fiery, scary thing. Worth noticing, respecting, and sometimes distancing ourselves from. 

But anger plus love? This is a combination of emotions we don't curate intentionally. Mostly, this mashup happens to us. When it does, it engenders things like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, the Feminist movement, a righteous parent speaking out for the first time against bullying in the Principal's office.

Anger + Love It gives rise to a very special kind of action. Nurtured, it is what fuels movements.

Action then, is the child of anger and love together.

Notice the person who in the name of being passionate, angrily screams for peace, or equality, or is against racism. 

Then notice the person who stays on the sidelines in times of difficulty, claiming they are holding 'love and light.' 

None of us can be angry and loving at the same time, all the time. But if more of us can, just a little more often? The places we'll go...